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America Domani Launches a Leading Digital Media COmmunity for 'Everything Italy'

Yahoo! News, September 8, 2022

‘Michael’s Is the Place Where the Deal Is Happening’

Grub Street, 4.19.2022

Can an app help reduce your mental load as a new parent?
Mashable, 3.8.2022 (Parenting)

4 Times Secessionists Campaigned to Leave New York City
DNA Info, 4.26.2016 (East Williamsburg Secession)

Game of Thrones: New York City’s Most Filthy and Fascinating Bar Toilets
New York Observer 2.22.2013
(Toilets of New York)

What You Can Learn About Brooklyn By Looking at Its Bathrooms
The Atlantic Cities 3.5.2013
(Toilets of New York)

New NYC toilet blog delves into the dirty world of New York's bar bathrooms
New York Daily News 3.24.2013
(Toilets of New York)

Are these the world's most interesting toilets? Photographer goes on a quest to document the bathrooms of New York City
The Mail Online 3.24.2013
(Toilets of New York)

Animal New York 2.25.2013
(Toilets of New York)

Visitez ... les toilettes de New York, Street-Art included !!!
Skeuds le Blog 2.26.2013
(Toilets of New York)

You Can Finally Explore Brooklyn’s Grossest Bathrooms Set to Sexy Slow Jams
New York Observer 11.25.2013
(Toilets of New York film)

This Video Makes Brooklyn's Dive Bar Bathrooms Look Beautiful
Gothamist, 12.2.2013
(Toilets of New York film)

Brandon Bloch And Tim Sessler Find Beauty In Brooklyn Bar Bathrooms
Huffington Post, 12.2.2013
(Toilets of New York film)

The Hidden Art of Dive Bar Bathrooms
Bloomberg, 11.29.2013
(Toilets of New York film)

The Neighborhood News
New York Magazine 11.14.2012
(East Williamsburg Secession)

East Williamsburg Graphic Designer Starts Petition To Secede From Unhip Williamsburg
Gothamist, 11.15.2012
(East Williamsburg Seccession)

A Petition to the Petitioners Trying to Secede East Williamsburg From Namesake
The Observer, 11.6.2012
(East Williamsburg Seccession)

Hipsters vs. Newcomers in Williamsburg Prompt Secession Movement
New York Daily News, 11.21.2012
(East Williamsburg Seccession)

East Williamsburg Petitions to Secede from Williamsburg
Curbed, 11.16.2012
(East Williamsburg Seccession)

The war between the nabes: East Williamsburg wants to secede!
Broklyn, 11.16.2012
(East Williamsburg Seccession)

Resident Starts Petition Wants East Eilliamsburg To Secede From That Other More Hip Williamsburg
Free Williamsburg
(East Williamsburg Seccession)

A proposal for East Williamsburg to secede from the union emerges
Brooklyn Vegan
(East Williamsburg Seccession)

The Big Clock by the River
Hudson Reporter, 10.6.2007
(New York's Sixth)

For buyers and sellers, a blog does the job
The Providence Journal, 11.12.2005
(New York's Sixth)

Nets Go, Yuppies Come. What's he Thinking?
New York Times, 6.19.2005
(New York's Sixth)

Fast, Cheap And Out Of Control
Gawker, 6.7.2005
(New York's Sixth)

New York's Sixth Crosses The Hudson
Curbed, 6.7.2005
(New York's Sixth)

Awards Target Next Generation of Tech Leaders
San Jose Mercury News, 6.27.1999
(ArsDigita Prize)