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As a corporate consultant working with private, government, and political organizations, I've written in a variety of voices, styles, and mediums, from developing talking points to expanding long form essays. I understand the importance of crafting narrative appropriate for the publication, whether for legacy print, cutting edge digital, or routine social media posts.

In addition to corporate communications, I have nearly a decade of experience working at an online literary magazine overseeing editorial processes and managing assistant editors.


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  • Corporate Brochures
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Design Is The Message

Nobody reads beyond the headline.

Compelling content starts with compelling design, but content doesn’t matter if nobody reads it. Nobody reads beyond the headline. Compelling content starts with compelling design, but content doesn’t matter if nobody reads it. Nobody reads beyond the headline. Compelling content starts with compelling design, but content doesn’t matter if nobody reads it. Congratulations on reading this far, you’re the true exception.

Design + Content

Design and content must work in tandem. Great design with poor messaging has the same result as great messaging with poor design. Effective communication merges both seamlessly.

Design Led Content

Allowing design to lead produces stunning and impactful messaging even before anyone reads the copy.

Print + Digital

Creating a design that works for both digital and physical media saves time and money while creating a unifying experience.


AdBlock doesn't work on a mailbox. Direct mail connects with anyone recieving mail delivery. Compelling visuals communicate with recipients within the short time they glance through their daily mail delivery.


Digital design integrates into every aspect of our lives, whether we're at the office avoiding work or at home on the couch doom scrolling.

For a full design portfolio, email

Website Development


In 1999, as a high school senior, I was a runner-up in the ArsDigta Prize awarded for building a useful, non-commercial website. Since then I have gone on to develop numerous content-driven web properties.

I have built both commercially, ad-supported websites and community-focused sites on a pro-bono basis. Additionally, I have developed creative web projects that are neither commercial nor useful beyond entertainment, such as my Sound Cloud.


My first websites were coded with nothing more than basic HTML. I've mostly relied on the Wordpress for content management and have created numerous custom themes for Wordpress backed sites. At present I rely on Bootstrap and JQuery.

I have some limited experience with PHP, mainly through Wordpress functions and writing custom Javascript. I have a GitHub account largely for practicing with Project Odin.


New York's Sixth


New York's Sixth is a pun playing on the idea of Jersey City as the "sixth borough" of New York City. The website focuses on development, shopping, and dining. It was monetized with Google AdSense.

When the site first launched, it garnered the attention of Gawker, Curbed, and the New York Times.

The original site was built using the Blogger platform and then converted to a Wordpress. I moved out of Jersey City in 2012. The website remains largely as an archive but still generates revenue through ad units. I updated in the CSS in 2021 to have a responsive design.

English Kills Review


English Kills Review is a collaborative literary website. I managed contributors who submitted interviews, essays, and other writing. I also write about in-person literary events held around New York City

The site is built on Wordpress. In addition to the main blog, I created a Tumblr to promote posts and to serve up short-form content that wasn't appropriate for the main site. I also created a Twitter and Facebook to connect with readers and drive traffic.

The site was not monetized, but it was successful at connecting the literary community and building a network of personal connections for myself and the staff leading to better opportunities within the literary community.

Creative Projects

Toilets of New York

Status: Ongoing

Format: Photographs

Medium: Tumblr


Project Summary

Toilets of New York began in a bathroom. I came to notice that often, bar and restaurant bathrooms were heavily decorated, aesthetically pleasing experiences. Some person had spent hours choosing the objects, wallpapers, and style. I took photos.

I began amassing photos of bathrooms over the course of several weeks and eventually launched a tumblr to catalogue the images. I began to notice patterns emerging and bathrooms that fell into categorical experiences: graffiti covered bathrooms; highly curated bathrooms filled with object d'art; institutional bathrooms striving for ascetic cleanliness.

Each of these bathrooms participate in a narrative with the user and serve to indicate the type of experience that should be expected.

Dive Art Film

The Tumblr was the inspiration behind a short film by Brandon Bloch and Tim Sessler. For the film Dive Art, the Toilet Tumblr was used as a basis for location scouting. THey sough the toilets with grimiest, most graffiti-filled bathrooms. Most of the bars were accomodating

The film generated additional press:

You Can Finally Explore Brooklyn’s Grossest Bathrooms Set to Sexy Slow Jams
New York Observer 11.25.2013

This Video Makes Brooklyn's Dive Bar Bathrooms Look Beautiful
Gothamist, 12.2.2013

Brandon Bloch And Tim Sessler Find Beauty In Brooklyn Bar Bathrooms
Huffington Post, 12.2.2013

The Hidden Art of Dive Bar Bathrooms
Bloomberg, 11.29.2013

East Willamsburg Secession

Status: Completed

Format: Text, Interactive

Medium: White House Petitions, Web

Former URL:

Twitter Responds

Project Summary

Following the 2012 Presidential election, people from across the United States flooded the White House's online petition system with requests to allow their states to secede from the Union. To satirize these petitions, I filed a petition not seeking to secede from the United States, but simply asking the President to support East Williamsburg's secession from Williamsburg, as two neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

The petition, written in a patronizing tone mimicking the existing state petitions, also touched on key words to attract attention in New York City: hipsters, real estate, Williamsburg. Gothamist reported on the petition the same day it was launched.


The Neighborhood News
New York Magazine 11.14.2012

East Williamsburg Graphic Designer Starts Petition To Secede From Unhip Williamsburg
Gothamist, 11.15.2012

A Petition to the Petitioners Trying to Secede East Williamsburg From Namesake
The Observer, 11.6.2012

Hipsters vs. Newcomers in Williamsburg Prompt Secession Movement
New York Daily News, 11.21.2012

East Williamsburg Petitions to Secede from Williamsburg
Curbed, 11.16.2012

The war between the nabes: East Williamsburg wants to secede!
Broklyn, 11.16.2012

Resident Starts Petition Wants East Eilliamsburg To Secede From That Other More Hip Williamsburg
Free Williamsburg

A proposal for East Williamsburg to secede from the union emerges
Brooklyn Vegan

The Gothamist Article attracted attention across the internet.

New York Magazine included the secession movement in their neighborhood news

Office Haiku

Status: Hiatus

Format: Text

Medium: Wordpress



I converted one of the haiku into a short animation along with audio recording. I recorded myself reading haiku and then added frame by frame animations. The images were drawn electronically in Adobe Illustrator and combined in iMovie.

Project Summary

Office Haiku began in the summer of 2003 chronicling the frustrations of a fictional office employees drawing inspiration from my own experiences as well as stories told to me by friends. While many of the haiku have a humorous ending, the best of them share a structure with traditional haiku: two lines of observation followed by a final line of epiphany.

In the early 2000s, themed haiku collections proliferated including Honku (road rage haiku), Redneck Haiku, Haiku for Jews, and Gay Haiku. Office Haiku was intended to grow into a publishable manuscript to join the ranks of pop culture haiku collections. The intention of the project was eventually to collect the poems into a manuscript. Unfortunately, an office haiku book written by James Rogauskas brought to market in 2006.


One of the earliest Office Haiku, "Hourly Wages" remains the gold standard of the poems. The first two lines observe a condition while the third offers a humorous revelation of the narrative voice; staying at home would have been cheaper than working that day.

Hourly Wages
Fail to pay for gas and tolls.
Should have stayed at home.