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Ian MacAllen

Short Bio:

Ian MacAllen's fiction has appeared in The Offing, 45th Parallel, Little Fiction, Vol 1. Brooklyn, Joyland, and elsewhere and nonfiction has appeared in Chicago Review of Books, Fiction Advocate, The Negatives, and Electric Literature. He is the Deputy Editor of The Rumpus, holds an MA in English from Rutgers University, tweets @IanMacAllen and is online at IanMacAllen.com.

Long Bio:

His internet performance art projects East Williamsburg Secession Movement and Toilets of New York have received international print and digital coverage. He has previously operated New York's Sixth, a real estate and development blog based in Jersey City. He was a runner-up of the ArsDigita Prize.

Ian received his M.A. in English from Rutgers University in 2012. He lives in Brooklyn, tweets @IanMacAllen, and experiments on Tumblr.


Contact Information

For all inquieries, contact ianmac47 @ gmail.com.



I made a last minute appearance at the February 2020 Ditmas Lit reading series in Hinterlands bar, Brooklyn.

I joined the summer edition of H.I.P. Lit at Nowadays in Brooklyn.

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