Avocado Green

First appearing in home appliance design during the 1960ís along with colors like Harvest Gold, avocado green is embodies the design mindset design of two decades best forgotten.

I am employed in a position where kowtowing to clients is a fact of every day life. Sometimes they mettle. Owing to my distaste of Avocado Green refrigerators, I concluded that the color was the direct result of client preferences interfering with the expertise of designers.

End of MacBlog

When I first started blogging a year ago, it seemed like a passing fad, a quick way to write some incomplete thoughts for my fledgling of a website, and a not to serious attempt at contributing to the web. The Ian MacBlog seemed to posses just enough kitch: it incorporated my name and played on the term Blog.

Well now a year later Iím trying to be a bit more serious with my blog. Perhaps this is because I am mildly addicted to blogging. In either case, it was time to move beyond our juvenile fascination with ourselves. Thus was birthed Avocado Green. Merchandising coming soon.