East Williamsburg Secession

Status: Completed
Format: Text, Interactive
Medium: White House Petitions, Web
Former URL: PeopleForAnIndependentEastWilliamsburg.com

Project Summary

Following the 2012 Presidential election, people from across the United States flooded the White House’s online petition system with requests to allow their states to secede from the Union. To satirize these petitions, I filed a petition not seeking to secede from the United States, but simply asking the President to support East Williamsburg’s secession from Williamsburg, as two neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

The petition as it appeared on the White House website.


The petition, written in a patronizing tone mimicking the existing state petitions, also touched on key words to attract attention in New York City: hipsters, real estate, Williamsburg. Gothamist reported on the petition the same day it was launched.

The Gothamist Article attracted attention across the internet.

Shortly after the Gothamist article was published, the story appeared in other websites like The New York Observer, The New York Daily News, Curbed, Brokelyn, Free Williamsburg, and Brooklyn Vegan. The story even crossed into print media with a mention in New York Magazine’s Neighborhood News.

New York Magazine included the secession movement in their neighborhood news

The news also found an audience on twitter with common users expressing support or disdain depending on their preference. It also caught the attention of people like BuzzFeed Editor Mike Hayes.

News Coverage

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