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Project Summary

Office Haiku began in the summer of 2003 chronicling the frustrations of a fictional office employees drawing inspiration from my own experiences as well as stories told to me by friends. While many of the haiku have a humorous ending, the best of them share a structure with traditional haiku: two lines of observation followed by a final line of epiphany.

In the early 2000s, themed haiku collections proliferated including Honku (road rage haiku), Redneck Haiku, Haiku for Jews, and Gay Haiku. Office Haiku was intended to grow into a publishable manuscript to join the ranks of pop culture haiku collections. The intention of the project was eventually to collect the poems into a manuscript. Unfortunately, an office haiku book written by James Rogauskas brought to market in 2006.


One of the earliest Office Haiku, “Hourly Wages” remains the gold standard of the poems. The first two lines observe a condition while the third offers a humorous revelation of the narrative voice; staying at home would have been cheaper than working that day.

Hourly Wages
Fail to pay for gas and tolls.
Should have stayed at home.

“Hourly Wages” also received an audio and video treatment. I recorded myself reading haiku and then added frame by frame animations alongside the audio. The images were drawn electronically in Adobe Illustrator and combined in iMovie.

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