Things Written About Me

How Ian MacAllen’s English Kills Review Is Saving Literature and the Internet
NJ Writer’s Op 10.6.16

New NYC toilet blog delves into the dirty world of New York’s bar bathrooms
New York Daily News 3.24.13

Are these the world’s most interesting toilets? Photographer goes on a quest to document the bathrooms of New York City
The Mail Online 3.24.13

What You Can Learn About Brooklyn By Looking at Its Bathrooms
The Atlantic Cities 3.5.13

Game of Thrones: New York City’s Most Filthy and Fascinating Bar Toilets
New York Observer 2.22.13

East Williamsburg Graphic Designer Starts Petition To Secede From Unhip Williamsburg
Gothamist 11.15.2012

The Big Clock by the River
Hudson Reporter, 10.6.2007

For buyers and sellers, a blog does the job
The Providence Journal, 11.12.2005

Nets Go, Yuppies Come. What’s he Thinking?
New York Times, 6.19.2005

Fast, Cheap And Out Of Control
Gawker, 6.7.2005

New York’s Sixth Crosses The Hudson
Curbed, 6.7.2005

Awards Target Next Generation of Tech Leaders
San Jose Mercury News, 6.27.1999

This is Photobomb

Nicky Digital 6.11.2014

Ain’t No Party Like a Supermoon Party ‘Cause a Supermoon Party Has a Supermoon
Village Voice 6.22.2013

Flying Burlesque and Fair Rides at BangON! NYE
Village Voice 1.1.2013

BangOn! NYE
Instagram 1.1.2013

Cat Face
Urban Adventures11.30.2013

Vice 11.13.2012

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