The Presidential Schedule for Monday, September 14th.

Never forget America loves turning tragedy into an opportunity for clearance sales.

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Confessional Fantasies From a Billing Office

Yesterday at five a.m. I had that fantasy where I think the time is really ten a.m. and I’ve just blown off my midmorning meeting. Only in the fantasy, it’s worse, because it is also the boss’s birthday and I’ve missed the breakfast of stale donuts and soggy bagels and melancholy singing. Everyone else is […]

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Cocktail Revolution

The yuppies arrived on the first warm Saturday in May. Two came at ten, as scouts, walking up and down the block smoking Cuban cigarillos. By eleven, they trickled by, but by noon it was a torrent of Gettas, Cabrios, and restored Volvo 240’s littered with stickers reading “MV” and “LBI”. They knocked down old […]

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